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from ... onwards

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrom ... onwardsfrom ... onwardsbeginning at a particular time or age and continuing after that from the 1980s onwards onwards
Examples from the Corpus
from ... onwardsIt shows the decline in the percentage of the Gross Domestic Product devoted to Defence from 1946 onwards.The Brackley blooms are brought out early with a little help from 400 watt lamps sunning them from January onwards.Its ancestors served abroad from the 1630s onwards, and the tradition of foreign service continues today.From this point onwards, attitudes to El Cid were divided.At St-Denis, from 867 onwards, Charles himself was lay-abbot.From the 1970s onwards governments restricted aggregate demand by a variety of means.From that day onwards I entertained a high regard for his dexterity and skill in public affairs.From then onwards, Winterthur's development into the city of today was rapid.
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