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from side to side

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrom side to sidefrom side to sideSIDEfirst to one side, then to the other, several times or continuously ‘Did you catch him?’ Matthew shook his head from side to side.swing/rock/sway from side to side The boat rocked violently from side to side. side
Examples from the Corpus
from side to sideAs an entrepreneur, it is inevitable that you will be buffeted from side to side as you experience the roller coaster.The young man looked carefully from side to side.She shook her head from side to side, resigned to her rebellious brain.Ezra rocked impatiently from side to side as he waited.Pion helped Masklin down on to the ground, which seemed to him to be moving from side to side.The grimy blots grew closer and bigger, sudden thunderclaps made visible, and hurled the little planes from side to side.The boat swayed from side to side as waves hit it.The tractor swayed from side to side, almost throwing me out of my seat.I held up the sweaters, turning from side to side, shaking my head.
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