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from the (very) first

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrom the (very) firstfrom the (very) firstfrom the beginning of a situation I was against the idea from the first. I should have known from the first that the relationship would never work. first
Examples from the Corpus
from the (very) firstThis performance needed more pace, a lighter touch throughout from the orchestra and much greater clarity from the first violins.Although the data from the first study are still being analysed, initial results are promising.The relationship was doomed to failure from the first.The second word is the noun formed from the first word, the verb.Research and design skills can be electronically brought in from the first world.The follow up study was restricted to participants from the first study who were 25 to 74 years of age at baseline.The main concern over the century was to shift as much as possible from the first to the second form.His watch, his ring, his money and his suitcase neatly packed had all been sent from the first hotel.By 1990, only Sir Geoffrey Howe survived from the first cabinet.
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