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from top to bottom

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrom top to bottomfrom top to bottomCOMPLETEif you clean or search somewhere from top to bottom, you do it very thoroughly The whole house needs cleaning from top to bottom. top
Examples from the Corpus
from top to bottomSassenach was created, the great buttress climbed, as it should be, direct from top to bottom.Example 4 is a great lick for covering the whole fretboard from top to bottom.And we searched it from top to bottom.He was immense, though still lodged from top to bottom within me.Keep turning the carrot slightly and repeat the motion from top to bottom until you have removed all the peel.They can just be people who believe they ought to reshape society from top to bottom.The lineup appears to be strong from top to bottom, but all the players know Bagwell is the key component.Kirov took only a few more minutes to search the small studio from top to bottom.
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