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front line

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfront lineˌfront ˈline noun  1 [countable usually singular]WAR the place where fighting happens in a war syn frontin/on the front line troops who had served in the front line at Magdeburg three miles behind the front line2 in the front linefront-line adjective [only before noun] front-line troops
Examples from the Corpus
front lineThe entire front line, with few exceptions, went down in the consuming blast.Or his practice of filming in the front line, and even beyond the front line?So where is the front line in a war like that?The camera eventually tracks away leaving the boy still shaking his boot, part of the furniture of the front line.68% of people approve of women fighting on the front lines.Researchers concluded that the front line of HIV prevention had shifted to smaller cities.in/on the front lineHe argued that these were the people on the front line.They were sitting in the front line of chairs.Then they started on the front line of police.She is trapped in the front line on the killing streets of Western Sarajevo.Not so much the opposition - what shook me up was to see children being used in the front line by protestors.
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