2 adjective
front2 S1 W2 [only before noun]
1 at, on, or in the front of something [≠ back]:
Two of his front teeth had been knocked out.
the front cover of 'Hello!' magazine
the front wheel of his bicycle
the dog's front legs
front door/garden/porch (=at the front of a house)
We walked up the front steps and into the reception area.
front seat/row
We got there an hour early in order to get seats in the front row.
2 a front organization is a legal one that is run in order to hide a secret or illegal activity:
a front organization for importing heroin
front man (1)
3 technical a front vowel sound is made by raising your tongue at the front of your mouth, such as the vowel sound in 'see' [↪ back]

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