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frontal attack/assault

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrontal attack/assaultfrontal attack/assault formala) a direct attack on the front of an army The minefields make an all-out frontal attack impossible. b) an attack or criticism that is very strong and direct After the election, the party launched into a frontal assault on the British media. frontal
Examples from the Corpus
frontal attack/assaultEfforts should then be entirely concentrated on the frontal attack.Gorbad, still weak from the wound suffered at Grunberg, was unprepared for a frontal assault.They are a frontal assault of the Devil not only upon believers but on human beings everywhere.But the frontal assault on Cobdenite assumptions was the challenge to free trade itself.The congress went further, straying close to a frontal attack on the ruling party.A full frontal assault right in the snout.If we were fit, a frontal assault would be suicide.
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