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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrostedfrost‧ed /ˈfrɒstɪd $ ˈfrɒːstɪd/ adjective  1 frosted glass/window etc2 cold weather literary covered with frost syn frosty the frosted garden3 cake especially American English covered with frosting syn iced British English chocolate frosted cupcakes4 hair American English frosted hair has parts that have been made much lighter than others by using chemicals
Examples from the Corpus
frostedWhere contact was unavoidable their relations were frosted, and formal.Clare yelled in pain as she fell on scratchy, frosted bracken.chocolate frosted cookiesAvoid frosted cosmetics and highlights on the lids.The taps rattled the frosted glass again.Two frosted glass doors opened into an elegant lobby.The front door was open, revealing a stone-flagged porch, and an inner door with frosted glass in the top half.The headmaster appeared at the frosted glass of the door.Alice took another long drink from the tall frosted glass.The Controller's acknowledging smile was as brittle as frosted glass.Alice poured her beer into a tall, frosted mug.Pink-browns or lightly frosted tones are flattering for older women or anyone with a lined mouth.The frosted windows let in a weak light.
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