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frosted glass/window etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrosted glass/window etcfrosted glass/window etcfrosted glass has been given a rough surface, so that it is not transparent the frosted glass of the bathroom window frosted
Examples from the Corpus
frosted glass/window etcThe Controller's acknowledging smile was as brittle as frosted glass.The taps rattled the frosted glass again.The front door was open, revealing a stone-flagged porch, and an inner door with frosted glass in the top half.The headmaster appeared at the frosted glass of the door.The lack of a lock on the one and only toilet was compensated for by the frosted glass panels in the door.One of the tables, set behind an opaque frosted glass screen, is semi-private.There was a row of frosted glass windows down one side, each fitted with an electric fan.
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