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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrostyfrost‧y /ˈfrɒsti $ ˈfrɒːsti/ adjective  1 a) COLDextremely cold a beautiful frosty morning frosty air b) COLDcovered with frost the frosty groundsee thesaurus at cold2 FRIENDLYunfriendly syn icyfrosty stare/look/tone He gave me a frosty stare. the frosty silence that followed her announcement My words got a frosty reception.see thesaurus at unfriendlyfrostily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
frostyAfter their quarrel things between Maria and her father were rather frosty.His voice had become unmistakably frosty.They were both shivering slightly from the frosty air.The morning of December 31,1862, came on with a cloudless sky and a ringing, frosty air.It was a frosty autumn morning with spiders' webs glistening in the frozen grass.January 28,1989 was a cold, frosty day with mist across the Fens.When we left the forest, pale moonlight reflected dimly on the frosty ground and it was easier to see.It has been sent back with a frosty message from one of his constituents, who is unidentified.I hate frosty nights and damp dark days with sleety rain - if that is New Year weather you can keep it.I tapped on the frosty window and said, "Anybody home?"frosty morningHarry tugged back the curtains and squinted out at the painful brightness of a frosty morning.
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