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frothyfroth‧y /ˈfrɒθi $ ˈfrɒːθi/ adjective  1 DFDa liquid that is frothy has lots of small bubbles on top a mug of frothy coffee2 IMPORTANTa frothy book, film etc is enjoyable but not serious or important3 a frothy market is one in which prices of something are rising and beginning to be higher than the thing’s real value – used in businessfrothily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
frothyBeat egg whites and sugar until whites are frothy.It's not a superscientific exhibition, but kind of frothy and nice for summer.Order a frothy cappuccino and sit back and relax.They collected steaming mugs of frothy coffee and sat down opposite the gleaming silver water boiler.In the other three novels frothy dialogue and sparkling wit tend to overshadow the deeper philosophical issues at stake.Whip it into a frothy, intoxicating potion.Impressively blackened rocks loomed large, their outer edges darkly green against the frothy white-capped waves.Everywhere was perfumed, frothy with flowers.
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