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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrozefroze /frəʊz $ froʊz/ verb  COLDthe past tense of freeze1
Examples from the Corpus
frozeSuddenly there was a hand on my shoulder, and I froze.My stunted, shortsighted world froze as an aura of warmth shimmered through the gym.My blood froze as I looked at the prices.Melanie thought they did and froze at the first breath of pity, summoning all her resources to act coolly.I think I am as brave as most men, but that sound froze my blood.Every time it moved it froze, one paw outstretched, not quite touching the ground.It begins with Proposition 13, the landmark 1978 initiative that froze property tax rates.One of them froze to death in 1943.