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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrozenfro‧zen1 /ˈfrəʊzən $ ˈfroʊ-/ verb  COLDthe past participle of freeze1
Examples from the Corpus
frozenOne woman looked as if she was carrying ice-skates, and maybe that meant that the lake should be frozen.Hamburger is chopped fresh and / or frozen beef with or without added beef fat as such and / or seasoning.The Make-A-Wish Foundation will be a sponsoring charity for this frozen extravaganza.Bacon should be kept refrigerated and although it can be frozen, freezing is not recommended because the product loses quality.It had petrified and been frozen in space and time.It's been predicted that the number of places on courses is likely to be frozen this year.She was wearing only a white dress; she would be frozen without a coat.
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frozenfrozen2 ●●● S2 W2 adjective  1 foodDF frozen food has been stored at a very low temperature in order to preserve itfreeze You can use fresh or frozen fish. frozen peassee thesaurus at cold2 be frozen (stiff)3 earthHARD earth that is frozen is so cold it has become very hard The ground is frozen for most of the year. the frozen wastes of Siberia4 area of waterCOLD a river, lake etc that is frozen has a layer of ice on the surface5 be frozen with fear/terror/fright
Examples from the Corpus
frozenI think the water in the dog's bowl is frozen.According to that picture, the comet's nucleus is a frozen ball of ice and solidified gases, including dust and rocks.The ground was frozen beneath our feet.We made a pizza last night with frozen bread dough.Behind him, Paxton's body lay amongst the frozen dancers and entertainers smiling down blankly as if welcoming him.All I had in the freezer was a couple of frozen pizzas.They are essential atmospheric cladding which prevents the earth from becoming a frozen planet.A dancing person appears as a succession of frozen statuesque attitudes.The Bichirs take like and frozen Tubifex, frozen prawn, and catfish pellets.frozen vegetablesThe first symptom of a frozen waste pipe is that the contents of a bath or basin will not flow out.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfrozenfro‧zen /ˈfrəʊzənˈfroʊ-/ adjective1frozen food is stored at very low temperatures in order to preserve itEurope’s $30 billion frozen-food industryfrozen peas2BANKINGLAWfrozen assets, accounts etc cannot be used by their owners, for example because there is a legal disagreement concerning themTens of thousands of legal claims are being made by companies attempting to have their frozen assets returned.the estimated $100 million in frozen Cuban accounts in the United States see also freeze1
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