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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrugalfru‧gal /ˈfruːɡəl/ adjective  1 SPEND MONEYcareful to buy only what is necessary opp extravagant As children we were taught to be frugal and hard-working. He led a remarkably frugal existence.2 DFDa frugal meal is a small meal of plain food syn simple opp extravagant a frugal breakfastfrugally adverbfrugality /fruːˈɡæləti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
frugalSince those officials are not under the thumb of councillors worried about rates increases, they are less likely to be frugal.Entrepreneurs have to be particularly frugal and inventive.He was a hardworking, frugal and thrifty man who was saving to buy a small cottage from his employer.He was very frugal, and would often use a tea bag three or four times over.The monks lead a frugal life, allowing themselves only the bare essentials.He found the president eating a frugal meal and using pottery dishes and knife, fork, and spoon of iron.But it is a frugal state, and the politics of frugality often breed conservative social and civic decisions.Hidden hotel costs can be a source of frustration to the frugal traveler.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfrugalfru‧gal /ˈfruːgəl/ adjective careful to buy only what is necessaryThe pay settlement must be frugal in order to avoid layoffs.People who rely on the basic retirement pension must live a frugal existence.We’re having to be very frugal with our training budget this year.frugality noun [uncountable]Most departments were being told to cut spending and practise frugality again this year.frugally adverbIf you want to retire young, you’ll have to live frugally and invest wisely.
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