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fugitivefu‧gi‧tive1 /ˈfjuːdʒətɪv/ noun [countable]  SCLsomeone who is trying to avoid being caught by the policefugitive from a fugitive from US justice
Examples from the Corpus
fugitiveThere are 21 fugitives who will benefit, all republicans.Porter escaped in 1995 and remains a fugitive.The last two were arrested in 1995, but Garza escaped and remains a fugitive.Also, Jerry and John had a lot of canceled checks made out to cash while their brother was a fugitive.a fugitive from Stalin's oppressive regimeOrders were immediately sent out by Bustamante to the neighboring states to apprehend the fugitives.They pursued the fugitives for about nine miles and then lit bonfires on the hill-tops to alert the local peasantry.He'd even questioned some of the older members of the Lucy Ghosts in private to help trace the fugitive.The fugitives, two of whom have been recaptured, are accused of genocide, mass murder and other crimes.fugitive fromIn the movie, the two women are fugitives from the law.
Related topics: Law
fugitivefugitive2 adjective [only before noun]  1 SCLESCAPEtrying to avoid being caught by the police2 literaryALRARE lasting for a very short time rare and fugitive visits
Examples from the Corpus
fugitiveThis makes the meaning of Mynd even more fugitive.Why construct a hero so multiple, so spread out, so fugitive?In effect, a national bounty was promised for the capture of fugitive blacks.He might have discussed it with his staff and opposed clemency for the fugitive businessman.We were catching a bus-one in an endless series in my fugitive childhood.They shared a fugitive embrace.Below her there were fugitive glimpses of a winding thread of water that was the canal.The fugitive leader was captured last night.His is one of the great fugitive stories of our time.
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