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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfull-bodiedˌfull-ˈbodied adjective  1 STRONG TASTE OR SMELLa full-bodied wine or other drink has a pleasantly strong tastelight2 a full-bodied sound is complicated and interesting
Examples from the Corpus
full-bodiedThen there are our wines - unexpectedly oaky, full-bodied and marvellous.a full-bodied beerFermentation takes about 48 hours and a stout, full-bodied, dark beer is discernable.Which of the following is a full-bodied red wine?Open full-bodied reds about two hours in advance and lighter ones about an hour beforehand.These are full-bodied, richly flavoured wines which, with the wines of Sacy, are the best of the Petite Montagne.His 1991 vintage is an excellent clean, dry and flinty wine with a full-bodied richness characteristic of his style.The beautiful color and full-bodied taste of these Australian wines make them an excellent accompaniment to meat dishes.All feature his full-bodied tone and deft improvisations.
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