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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfull-colourˌfull-ˈcolour British English, full-color American English adjective [only before noun]  printed using coloured inks rather than only black and white a full-colour brochure
Examples from the Corpus
full-colourEvery reader contains a full-colour dictionary explaining words used in the text.This full-colour guide covers all aspects of the Metro's layout and history and a comprehensive map of the system.The full-colour illustrations will motivate children's interest and provide an excellent springboard for both oral and written work.Every cake has a large full-colour photograph and helpful step-by-step illustrations to make the various recipe stages even clearer.This comprehensive guide has 3,000 full-colour photographs and includes more than 500 step-by-step sequences.Kits contain a full-colour printed canvas to make an eight-inch panel, wools, needle and instructions, and cost just £13.95.We are marking the start of the new-look soccer season with a super full-colour wallchart, featuring all 22 teams.
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