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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfull-lengthˌfull-ˈlength1 adjective  1 full-length mirror/photograph/portrait etc2 full-length skirt/dress/coat etc3 full-length play/book/film etc
Examples from the Corpus
full-lengthHow to turn a tightly compressed event into a full-length book?Generous, full-length curtains look rich, graceful and generally room-enhancing.Suzanne Myers' full-length debut film.Sir Walter Raleigh trails his comforter about the muddy garden, a full-length Hilliard in miniature hose and padded pants.On a platform nearby, another man jumps rope before a full-length mirror while a fourth pounds a speed bag.Next the unrealized plan for a full-length novel, Confession, which got switched to the shod Notes from Underground.It has both size drives, two free half-length 16-bit slots, and a further three empty full-length slots.The full-length work is written and performed by Puerto Rican actress Wilma Bonet, who portrays all nine of its characters.
full-lengthfull-length2 adverb  LIE DOWNsomeone who is lying full-length is lying flat with their legs straight out Ali was stretched out full-length on the couch.
Examples from the Corpus
full-lengthIt clung slightly to her still-damp skin and again she surveyed her image in the mirror, this time full-length.Once, I dived full-length across the court in a vain attempt to retrieve the ball.The low-flying plane stretched its sound full-length across the hard ice.Though the huge armchair reclined almost full-length, it still was not a bed.He hit her, catching her so hard on the side of the head that she went down full-length on the sand.There was George - dull, dreary George - sprawled full-length on the settee, his nose deep in a book as usual.I was stretched full-length upon the bodies, my battered hand resting on the rim of the tub.