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full marks

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfull marksˌfull ˈmarks noun [plural]  1 if you give someone full marks, you praise them for doing something wellfull marks to somebody (for something) Not the most stylish mobile, but full marks to Marconi for originality.2 British English the highest number of points you can get for school work
Examples from the Corpus
full marksWell done Ralph, and full marks Henry.John gets full marks for providing excellent experience and guidance.None of them got full marks.So, not a wigging, you see, but not full marks either.Only one in six adults scored full marks in a test of six familiar words.Well, full marks for courage, Major.You had to give the woman full marks for persistence.full marks to somebody (for something)Also, full marks to the spontaneous half-time entertainment of gymnastics provided by the children in the audience.So full marks to Lord Ridley for injecting some fun into last week's gathering of Northern Rock investors.
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