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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfull-sizeˌfull-ˈsize adjective  SIZEof the largest possible size The battery can run a full-size laptop for 12 hours. a full-size basketball court
Examples from the Corpus
full-sizeThe new IBM laptop features a full-size keyboard.It combines a pocket guide featuring color photos and hundreds of detailed listings with a full-size map for $ 10.Some seeds are difficult or very slow to germinate, and grow only slowly into full-size plants.But this is in a different league from a full-size Pressurized Water Reactor.Mr Roberts also confirmed that Ford is launching a full-size sport-utility vehicle this fall called the Expedition.The four-bedroom Crest home which Melinda bought for £146,000 came complete with a full-size study.The payload is 2,000 pounds, and that is close competition for full-size trucks.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfull-sizeˈfull-size adjective (also full-sized), adjective a full-sized product is of the proper or standard size, rather than a smaller version‘Preview’, a monthly distributed free in movie theaters, is a shortened version of the full-sized ‘Premiere’ magazine.
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