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full stop

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfull stopˌfull ˈstop1 ●●○ noun  [countable] British EnglishTCN a point (.) that marks the end of a sentence or the short form of a word syn period American English Put a full stop at the end of the sentence.
Examples from the Corpus
full stopShe gulped wine and set her glass down firm as a full stop.The termination codon is denoted by a full stop.Will Tie Rack come to a full stop?Her life had simply come to a full stop.And like an artist, she had chosen the moment, the scene of the full stop.Third, in forcing an end of a tone group at this point, the full stop also foregrounds the previous rheme.
full stopfull stop2 interjection British English informal  CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYused at the end of a sentence to emphasize that you do not want to say any more about a subject syn period American English I don’t have a reason. I just don’t want to go, full stop.
Examples from the Corpus
full stopHe didn't ask any questions full stop.Period, full stop, as Dionne would say.
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