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full throttle

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfull throttlefull throttleFAST/QUICKas fast or as much as possible The team’s offense ran full throttle.at/on full throttle a political campaign on full throttle throttle
Examples from the Corpus
at/on full throttleWith mainsail set and at full throttle we steamed for home.Under harder acceleration it intrudes, finishing up as a deep, rough-edged sounding beat at full throttle.Mike Holmgren is coming home the way anyone would like to do it, a winner, career at full throttle.Between six-day-a-week early morning practices and a string of visits by high school recruits, Jody is at full throttle.A Tory campaign machine on full throttle generally encountered sour looks and sullen stares.The single four-barrel Holley carb can gulp down a staggering 750 cubic feet of air every minute at full throttle.Shelford was at full throttle and all that stood in his way to a four pointer was the frail-looking frame of Roebuck.Not, apparently, because companies have ceased considering takeovers - everyone talks of City corporate finance departments working on full throttle.
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