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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfullnessful‧lness /ˈfʊlnəs/ noun [uncountable]  1 in the fullness of time2 the quality of being large and round in an attractive way Use a red gloss on your bottom lip to give it fullness.3 the quality of being complete4 the quality of having a pleasantly strong taste or deep sound This recording has a fullness and warmth that brings out the brilliance of the piece.5 FULLthe condition of being full Do you have a feeling of fullness after even a small meal?
Examples from the Corpus
fullnessAs an alternative, alcohol-free Herbal Styling Mousse was used to add fullness, volume and body.People who diet no longer eat according to their natural feelings of hunger and fullness.Generally, it requires fabric fullness of exactly twice the track length, depending on the variety.Digestion is suspended and their food lies like a load in the stomach; fullness and distress come on immediately after eating.But as particular truths do not embody the fullness of Truth so particular religions do not embody the fullness of Religion.In the fullness of time our positions widened.Their triumph was partial and temporary, but their defense of the fullness of being lives on.
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