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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfullyful‧ly /ˈfʊli/ ●●● S2 W2 adverb  COMPLETELYcompletely The restaurant is fully booked this evening. Elisa has not fully recovered from the incident. I am fully aware of your problems. The changes in policy are fully described in the review. I fully accept that what he says is true. This concept is discussed more fully in Chapter 9.
Examples from the Corpus
fullyFully 75 percent of cultural articles were devoted to sports.The prayers of both could not be answered; that of neither has been answered fully.And for once he knew he was fully appreciated by his Buttermere neighbours and even by his wife.The President is fully aware of the problem.a fully equipped kitchenThe house is fully furnished, including washer and dryer.Please keep me fully informed of any developments.In contrast, public monopolies that are thrust fully into competition have little choice but to please their customers.Patients must fully understand the risks involved in this type of surgery.I can fully understand your concern.I don't know if they ever fully understood it.If your company has a five-year plan you become fully vested after five years.fully bookedAnd we weren't fully booked.Berths only become available to staff or relatives when the ship is not fully booked.The trip is now fully booked and money for tickets should be paid in as soon as possible.No one knows how many are coming; the fully booked hotels say perhaps 100,000.Coming back, we stood all the way from Naples to Paris on a fully booked train.Oddly the cottage was fully booked when we tried to take it again at Easter.Two coaches are fully booked with dozens more Italia-bound by air, mini-bus and car.But there is a real danger that lucky resorts will be fully booked within hours of a good dump.
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