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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfulsomeful‧some /ˈfʊlsəm/ adjective formal  ALa fulsome speech or piece of writing sounds insincere because it contains too much praise, expressions of thanks etcfulsome gratitude/praise/tribute etc The book contains a fulsome dedication to his wife.fulsomely adverb a fulsomely congratulatory messagefulsomeness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
fulsomeBut as aspiring authors know, there is more to a blockbuster than a fulsome blurb.The tribute may sound fulsome, but Modigliani showed exceptional appreciation of nascent ability.Inevitably he was drawn into historical references in his rather fulsome descriptions of sites such as Furness Abbey.Colin was fulsome in his praise of the role of finance directors in delivering a near impossible set of financial reforms.Leading Hollywood actors were fulsome in their praise for the director at Thursday night's tribute.Hearing her hesitant giggle, and then her fulsome laughter, made me smile with wet eyes.He paid fulsome tribute to his attractive, blonde secretary.fulsome gratitude/praise/tribute etcHe paid fulsome tribute to his attractive, blonde secretary.
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