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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfunfun1 /fʌn/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [uncountable]  1 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingan experience or activity that is very enjoyable and exciting There’s plenty of fun for all the family. The children were having so much fun, I hated to call them inside.2 for fun3 somebody is (great/good) fun4 behaviour that is not serious and shows happiness and enjoyment Jan’s always so cheerful and full of fun. Her sense of fun made her very popular at college. Evelyn would tease her, but only in fun.5 fun and games6 make fun of somebody/something7 like fun figure of fun at figure1(12), → poke fun at at poke1(6)COLLOCATIONSverbshave funDid you have fun at the party?join in the funThe whole village joined in the fun.something sounds (like) fun (=seems to be enjoyable)The picnic sounded like fun.adjectivesgood fun British EnglishI never realized what good fun fishing could be.great funThe show is great fun for all the family.harmless fun (=not likely to upset or offend anyone)The game’s designer says it’s all a bit of harmless fun, but many parents disagree.phrasessomething is no fun (also something is not much fun) (=something is not at all enjoyable)Being stuck in a traffic jam for three hours was no fun.be somebody’s idea of fun (=be what someone enjoys doing – used especially when this seems strange to you)Camping in this rainy weather is not my idea of fun.be half the fun (=be a very enjoyable part of doing something)Planning a vacation is half the fun.a lot of fun (also lots of fun)The kids had a lot of fun singing and dancing.good clean fun British English (=not offensive or not involving sex)The show is good clean fun for all the family.
THESAURUSfun noun [uncountable] especially spoken an experience or activity that is very enjoyable and excitingThe course was fun.Have you ever been windsurfing? It’s really good fun.I just want to relax and have some fun.It’ll be fun seeing all my old friends again.Running around a freezing hockey field isn’t my idea of fun.enjoyment noun [uncountable] the feeling you get when you enjoy doing somethingI get a lot of enjoyment out of working with young children.pleasure noun [countable] an experience or activity that makes you feel happy and satisfiedThe game was a pleasure to watch.One of her greatest pleasures was walking in the mountains.Ted enjoyed the simple pleasures of life: his family, his home, and his garden.good/great time noun [countable] especially spoken a time when you enjoyed yourselfThe kids all had a great time.I remember the good times in Japan.Were the 1960s really such great times?a blast informal a very enjoyable experience – a very informal useThe trip was a blast!entertainment noun [uncountable] things such as performances and films which are intended to be enjoyableThree musicians provided the entertainment.What do you do for entertainment around here?They hired two dancers for entertainment.relaxation noun [uncountable] a way of resting and enjoying yourselfI play the piano for relaxation.Her work left little time for relaxation.leisure noun [uncountable] the time when you are not working, when you can enjoy yourself – used especially in compoundsleisure activitiesthe leisure industry People have more leisure time.recreation noun [countable, uncountable] formal activities that you do to enjoy yourselfrecreation facilitiesThe park is not just a place for recreation.
Examples from the Corpus
funIt'll be fun seeing all my old friends again.She will give an hour of fashion fun, talking and demonstrating her hat hire service and nearly-new designer fashion business.Have you ever been windsurfing? It's really good fun.Softball provides a chance to get out with friends and have fun.Interests: most music, travel, having fun.In fact, it might even be good for a little fun.All would be aware of the difficulty of finding ideologically acceptable forms of fun.Running around a freezing hockey field isn't my idea of fun.It's fun to eat out sometimes, instead of cooking at home.That and fries and a cold beer and you have got yourself some serious fun.On Saturday night, all I want to do is relax and have some fun.Planning a vacation is half the fun of it.The course was really hard work but it was fun.full of funBut we were careless and happy and full of fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.Impetuous, opinionated, athletic, good-looking, and full of fun, Pearson was an attractive figure to many women.Normally loving and full of fun, Peter can explode with passionate anger at James and Mary, their fourteen-year-old twins.Very gentle, full of fun.Perhaps this is why all these places are always so full of fun, laughter and loving concern.We arrived as keen as a couple of puppies out for their first walkies, full of fun and raring to go!He was full of fun and a wonderful mimic.
funfun2 ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingenjoyable and amusing Try snowboarding – it’s a really fun sport.a fun day/evening etcsee thesaurus at nice2 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethinga fun person is enjoyable to be with because they are happy and amusing She’s a really fun person to be around.GrammarFun is not used with ‘very’. You say: It was really fun. Don’t say: It was very fun.
Examples from the Corpus
funCruising around in a seaplane is all very well, but water-work is always the most fun.I like Sam a lot - he's good fun.Let's invite Margot - she's always fun.This weight training class is really fun.Stamford are improving their already rad facilities - more street stuff, a fun box with a handrail.Hundreds of people were there and it was a really fun day out.Walk on the wild side Good news for fans of 1950s style and fun furnishing.Randy's a really fun guy to be around.Oh yes, I know Eddie - he's a really fun guy.The informal and fun introduction to classical music costs $ 47 and will be conducted by Greg Hettmansberger.Have a fun Labor Day!The first step is the fun part.Boulder is a fun place to live.The O'Brien boys were always fun to be with.a fun day/evening etcLuckily it didn't rain, though we did get a bit cold, and it was a fun day.It draws people who come for a fun day out and it provides for the serious ornithologist.Male speaker I get the chance to see people I used to race with.It is a fun day out.It was a fun evening that ricocheted between giggle, belly laugh and roar.