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fun and games

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfun and gamesfun and gamesENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingactivities, behaviour etc that are not serious – often used to show disapproval fun
Examples from the Corpus
fun and gamesIt was not all fun and games.It started out as fun and games but became a successful business.Free fun and games ... Happy children make happy holidays - for everyone.Next time the left hand section of Cheedale's Cornice dries out, we should see some fun and games.As head of the Fort Baxter motor pool, Bilko runs all the fun and games on the base.A wild midnight gallop lands her on the very doorstep of her ancestral home, and the fun and games commence.In return for the fun and games, the youthful members, whether or not interested in politics, are expected to help with the electioneering.Party and Class All this fun and games is not looked upon with disapproval by the seniors in the Conservative Party.Police suspected that the boys, whose fun and games hurt a lot of people, were on drugs.
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