Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: functio, from fungi 'to perform'


1 noun
Related topics: Maths, Computers
func‧tion1 S3 W1
1 [uncountable and countable] the purpose that something has, or the job that someone or something does
perform/fulfil a function
In your new job you will perform a variety of functions.
The church fulfils a valuable social function.
The nervous system regulates our bodily functions (=eating, breathing, going to the toilet etc).
Bauhaus architects thought that function was more important than form.
2 [countable] a large party or official event:
This room may be hired for weddings and other functions.
3 [countable usually singular] technical a quantity or quality whose value changes according to another quantity or quality that is related to it:
The degree of drought is largely a function of temperature and drainage.
4TD [countable]TD one of the basic operations performed by a computer

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