Date: 1600-1700
Language: Latin
Origin: fundus 'bottom, piece of land'


1 noun
Related topics: Organizations
fund1 S3 W1
1 [countable] an amount of money that is collected and kept for a particular purpose:
The house fell into disrepair until a restoration fund was set up.
funding, trust fund


[plural] money that an organization needs or has:
A sale is being held to raise funds for the school.
government/public funds
claims that ministers had misused public funds
The park remains unfinished due to lack of funds.
The Museum is so short of funds (=has so little money) it may have to sell the painting.
3SSO [singular] an organization that collects money, for example to help people who are ill, old etc [↪ charity]:
We give to the Children's Fund every Christmas.

a fund of something

a large supply of something:
He had a fund of stories about his boyhood.

in funds

formal having enough money to do something

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