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funerealfu‧ne‧re‧al /fjʊˈnɪəriəl $ -ˈnɪr-/ adjective  MXsad, slow, and suitable for a funeral funereal music moving at a funereal pace
Examples from the Corpus
funerealThe local weather was always funereal.The atmosphere in the room was funereal.Last weekend a funereal air wafted through its four-storey office on the Via Due Macelli.Passers-by glanced sympathetically at them, unsurprised by the funereal atmosphere of the gathering.The New Zealanders, appropriately garbed in funereal black, arrive next week to scatter the ashes.In the funereal chill Vassily drew up a chair and poured us both a drink.Night fell upon, and spread its funereal pall over, a field of blood where death held unrestrained carnival!Smoke from a score of chain-smokers wreathed its funereal patterns.Doctor Turner takes me aside to acquaint me in funereal tones with the details of a colleague's latest symptoms.
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