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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_719_zfunnyfun‧ny /ˈfʌni/ ●●● S1 W3 adjective (comparative funnier, superlative funniest)  1 amusingFUNNY making you laughfunny story/joke/film etc Do you remember any funny stories about work?hilariously/hysterically/wickedly funny a wickedly funny scene from the film the funniest man in Britain If this is your idea of a joke, I don’t find it at all funny. Luckily, when I explained the situation, he saw the funny side (=recognized that it was partly funny). His laughter stopped her mid-sentence. ‘What’s so funny?’ she demanded. It’s not funny (=don’t laugh), Paul; poor Teresa was nearly in tears.Do not use funny to mean ‘enjoyable’. Use fun: The picnic was really fun.2 strangeSTRANGE unusual, strange, or difficult to explain I had a funny feeling something was going to happen. What’s that funny smell? It’s funny how you remember the words of songs, even ones you don’t really like.It’s funny (that) It’s funny that the kids are so quiet. That’s funny. I was sure I had $5 in my purse, but it’s not there now. People tell me I ran the greatest race of my life, but the funny thing is I can’t remember much about it. It’s a funny old world (=strange or unusual things happen in life).see thesaurus at strange3 dishonestDISHONEST appearing to be illegal, dishonest, or wrong There’s something funny going on here. Remember, Marvin, no funny business while we’re out.4 a funny look5 illILL feeling slightly ill I always feel funny after a long car ride.6 crazy British English informalSTRANGE slightly crazy After his wife died he went a bit funny.
7 go funny8 very funny!9 I’m not being funny (but)10 funny little something11 funny peculiar or funny ha-ha?THESAURUSfunny making you laughJohn told me a really funny joke.She’s very talented and funny.amusing especially written funny and enjoyable. Amusing is more formal than funny. It is often used when something is a little funny and makes you smile, rather than laughan amusing anecdote He found the whole incident rather amusing.humorous intended to be funny – used about stories, films, articles etc that have situations that are a little funnyhumorous storiesThe movie is meant to be humorous.witty using words in a funny and clever waywitty remarksHow witty!hilarious /hɪˈleəriəs $ -ˈler-/ (also hysterical informal) extremely funnyThe children thought it was hilarious.The movie has some hilarious scenes.It was hysterical! You should have seen his face!comical funny in a strange or silly way – often used when something is not intended to be funnyIt was quite comical watching him trying to dance.her own comical attempts at painting comic [only before noun] a comic film, play, novel etc is intended to be funnya comic dramalight-hearted done for amusement or enjoyment, and not intended to be seriousThe programme is a light-hearted look at recent political events. comedy noun [countable] a film, play, or television programme that is intended to be funnya comedy by ShakespeareShe has appeared in several television comedies.a new comedy series on Channel 4
Examples from the Corpus
funnyYou'll like Alan - he's really funny.Did you like 'Notting Hill'? I thought it was hilariously funny.The goat was chasing Mark round and round the field - it was so funny.This penetrating study of a drunken drop-out, yearning for oblivion, is both ridiculously funny and painfully sad.Such incidents were not always so funny at the time, though, in retrospect we always had a good laugh.A funny girl, he said, and the loveliest teeth he'd ever seen on anybody.There's something funny going on here."Your keys aren't here." "That's funny - I'm sure I left them on the table."You look really funny in that hat.The funniest one was the horse.You couldn't make up stuff that was funnier, or sadder.I always thought that was a funny place to have a house.There's a funny smell coming from Pete's room.It was the funniest story I'd ever heard.Come on, sit on my lap and I'll tell you a funny story.It's funny that he managed to hit the ball because he never hits it in practice.He can be pretty funny when he's had a few drinks.funny story/joke/film etcBoth laughed delightedly, as if I had cracked some very funny joke.He told some quite funny stories.Now she has illustrated a second, equally funny story about the time the maiden Belinda is captured by a wicked knight.I had no doubts about his musicianship, his talent or his ability to tell a funny story funnily.Tonk and his Friends Pupils will love this funny story of a young robot called Tonk.He had told a funny story that had made her laugh.He'd give us funny stories - the Colonel coming in the front door while Luke left through the back.Perhaps Old Abe has some funny story to tell appropriate to the occasion.funny feelingBut there was some funny feeling.I've got a funny feeling he's not going to roll over for me.You notice a funny feeling in your stomach, in fact it feels a little queasy.But suddenly, that funny feeling in your stomach is stronger, and you feel like you will have to burp.I had a funny feeling it was the same for him - disgusting.I get the funniest feeling that the sun is turned up brighter than before on the three of them.It was a funny feeling to meet some one like that and feel that way.funny businessNow, Riley, if you take my advice you could become something big in the funny business.So the bargaining takes on a nouveau comic tone, and we all become role players in the funny business.It's a funny business, comedy.I don't want any funny business going on while I'm gone.feel funnyNicole says her stomach feels funny.He can't see me of course but it makes me feel funny.It feels funny after my other hat.I felt a bit funny and dizzy, and then the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor.I told Dad I felt funny but he didn't take much notice.I felt funny enough just being there.Making us feel funny for doing the right thing.Then it started to feel funny, just the two of us there and nobody talking.It made me feel funny looking at that hair, and I didn't like it.Indigestion made you feel funny things.went ... funnyThen came the road where her knees went funny.And his eyes went funny just as he was about to change personalities.
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