Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: furieus, from Latin furia; FURY


1 very angry
furious at/about
Residents in the area are furious at the decision.
furious with
She was furious with herself for letting things get out of hand.
furious that
Her family are furious that her name has been published by the press.
2 [usually before noun] done with a lot of energy, effort, or speed:
Neil set off at a furious pace.
furious debate/argument etc
There was a furious row over the proposals.
The action is fast and furious.
[↪ fury]
furiously adverb
a little angry: miffed informal, peeved informal

rather angry: annoyed, irritated, cross, in a bad/foul mood

very angry: furious, livid, outraged, incensed, incandescent with rage formal

to become angry: lose your temper, go mad British English, go berserk informal, go ballistic informal, hit the roof informal

words for describing someone who often gets angry: bad-tempered, grouchy, cantankerous, crabby, stroppy BrE informal

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