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furryfur‧ry /ˈfɜːri/ adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 HBAcovered with fur or short threads β†’ fluffy πŸ”Š furry kittens πŸ”Š pink furry slippers πŸ”Š furry leaves2 β†’ furry friends
Examples from the Corpus
furryβ€’ As the wall of the small intestine comes into view, you notice that it looks furry.β€’ Your belly is very furry and quite sweet.β€’ Instead, George concentrated his efforts on the few remaining furry areas on an otherwise bare bear.β€’ a furry capβ€’ She wore a tweed coat with a Cairngorm brooch in the lapel and a furry green felt hat.β€’ a furry puppyβ€’ I flattened my thin skirt between my bottom and the furry seat.
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