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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfurtherancefur‧ther‧ance /ˈfɜːðərəns $ ˈfɜːr-/ noun [uncountable] formal  DEVELOPthe act or process of helping something progress or be donefurtherance of the furtherance of sciencein furtherance of something Staff are encouraged to use information resources in furtherance of their own professional interests.
Examples from the Corpus
furtheranceIn furtherance of that, may I urge him to bend his considerable energies towards the development of solar and tidal power?In furtherance of these aims he represents the Modular Course on the Academic Board and its subcommittees.Plato founded an Academy in Athens aimed at the furtherance of such ideas.Not all popes were interested, as we shall see, in the furtherance of political power.in furtherance of somethingWhat steps will you take in furtherance of that resolution?The defendants claimed that what they were doing was in furtherance of their dispute with the provincial newspapers.
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