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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfurthestfur‧thest /ˈfɜːðɪst $ ˈfɜːr-/ adjective, adverb  1 FARat the greatest distance from a place or point in time syn farthest There was a huge tapestry on the furthest wall.furthest away/from He walked slowly toward the end of the jury box furthest from the judge.2 MORE THAN something OR somebody ELSEmore or to a greater degree than other people or things, or than before Maltby’s book has probably gone furthest in explaining these events.
Examples from the Corpus
furthestThe telescope is designed to study the furthest reaches of the universe.furthest away/fromHe had to take out the man furthest from him first, the man least prepared.My mind was the furthest away it could be to playing singles, so I pulled out of a couple of tournaments.It is confrontational since the choice of each actor is the furthest from mutual agreement.Apolune is the point on the orbit where the spacecraft is furthest from the centre of the Moon.The stars are furthest from the Earth and then the order is planets, sun and moon.Two stumpy cylinders, covered with brown corduroy, dangled from the edge of the coat furthest from the head.The third implication, that the rocks furthest from the ridge should be the oldest, was less easy to test.It was the hut furthest from the walls on the south side.
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