Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: furie, from Latin furia, from furere; FUROR


Related topics: Nature
1 [uncountable] extreme, often uncontrolled anger [= rage]:
Jo stepped forward, her eyes blazing with fury.
The report was leaked to the press, much to the president's fury.
2 [singular] a feeling of extreme anger:
'Go on then!' shouted Jamie in a fury. 'See if I care!'

a fury of something

a state of very busy activity or strong feeling:
She was listening with such a fury of concentration that she did not notice Arthur had left.
In a fury of frustration and fear Nina bit his hand.

like fury

informal with great effort or energy:
We went out and played like fury.
5DN [uncountable] literary used to describe very bad weather conditions:
At last the fury of the storm lessened.


RM one of the three snake-haired goddesses in ancient Greek stories who punished crime
[↪ furious]

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