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fuselagefu‧se‧lage /ˈfjuːzəlɑːʒ $ -sə-/ noun [countable]  TTAthe main part of a plane, in which people sit or goods are carried
Examples from the Corpus
fuselageMr Wakenshaw's parachute became tangled in the wheels of a plane and he was dragged along its fuselage.The foolproof fuel system has interconnected front and rear fuselage flexible tanks holding 255 and 475 litres.This line represents the fore and aft axis of your aircraft, the fuselage.A hurricane in the mid-1970s cause much damage and the fuselage was turned into a superb house-boat by David Drimmer.The three arc-lamps had come to rest athwart the sunken bomber, sharply illuminating the fuselage and the two wings.With the sling load hooked up, the swing of the fuselage is slowed by the inertia of the attached load.Heavier plate ensured attachment to the fuselage and the team created a crude cradle for their baby.
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