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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfussyfuss‧y /ˈfʌsi/ (comparative fussier, superlative fussiest) adjective  1 ARGUEvery concerned about small, usually unimportant details, and difficult to pleasefussy about Sue was fussy about her looks. A lot of small children are fussy eaters (=they dislike many types of food). ‘Do you want to go out or just rent a movie?’ ‘I’m not fussy’ (=I don’t mind).2 SIMPLE/PLAIN#fussy clothes, objects, buildings etc are very detailed and decorated – used to show disapproval opp plain, simple The furniture looked comfortable, nothing fussy or too elaborate.3 CAREFULwith small, exact, and careful actions, sometimes showing nervousness She patted her hair with small fussy movements.fussily adverbfussiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
fussyIf you wear your own clothes, try to make them smart and not too fussy.He's very fussy about his drinks being served in the right kind of glass.I've become much more fussy about how I draw the characters.Even those who attempt to split the difference are not too fussy about where the line is drawn.a fussy babyBut from what I hear he was too fussy for his own good.A bossy, fussy girl with only a few friends, she frustrated and alienated even the people who loved her most.My grandmother was a notoriously fussy housekeeper.Although he spent three years writing these songs, the album does not sound fussy or labored.fussy wallpaper
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