2 noun
future2 S1 W2

the future

a) the time after the present:
What are your plans for the future?
in the near/immediate future (=soon)
The recession shows no signs of easing in the immediate future.
in/for the foreseeable future (=for as long as you can imagine or plan for)
We will not be hiring anyone else in the foreseeable future.
We hope to create more jobs in the not too distant future (=fairly soon).
Our firm must look to the future (=plan for what will happen).
b) technicalSLG the form of a verb that shows that something will happen or exist at a later time. In the sentence, 'I will leave tomorrow,' the verb is in the future.

in future

British English from now:
In future, staff must wear identity badges at all times.
3 [countable] what someone or something will do or what will happen to them in the futureCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
what the future holds (=what will happen) have a great/bright/promising future (ahead of you) (=have a good chance of being successful in the future) somebody's/something's future lies in/with something (=someone or something will be involved with something in the future) the future looks good/bright/bleak etc face an uncertain/bleak/dark future fears/hopes/plans for the future shape the future (=help to decide what will happen in the future) foretell/predict the future a brighter future
The islands should have the right to decide their own future.
future of
Ferguson is optimistic about the future of the business.
I've decided to return to Mitford and stay there, no matter what the future holds.
She's only 17, and has a great future ahead of her in tennis.
Let us hope our future lies in peace, not war.
For small companies, the future looks bleak.
The film-makers asked children about their hopes for the future.
a leader who will shape the organization's future

have a/no future

to have a chance or no chance of being successful or continuing:
Does this school have a future?

there's a/no future in something

used to say that something is likely or not likely to be successful:
He felt there was no future in farming.


[plural] technicalBBT goods, money, land etc that will be supplied or exchanged in the future at a time and price that has already been agreed

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