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futures market

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futures marketˈfutures ˌmarket noun [countable] technical  BBTa market where futures are bought and sold
Examples from the Corpus
futures marketIn these circumstances, a futures market may convey some more of the information possessed by the informed traders to the uninformed.In the futures market, most deals are on-exchange in standard contracts.They found that, for each index, the futures market led the spot market by a few minutes.Traders said that with cash prices rising so consistently, traders are afraid to sell the futures market.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfutures marketˈfutures ˌmarket [countable]FINANCE a market where FUTURES CONTRACTs (=agreements to buy currencies, etc at a particular price in the future) are bought and sold SYN FUTURES EXCHANGEFutures markets suggest oil prices may be headed down. market
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