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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfuturisticfu‧tur‧is‧tic /ˌfjuːtʃəˈrɪstɪk◂/ adjective  1 MODERNsomething which is futuristic looks unusual and modern, as if it belongs in the future instead of the present The futuristic sports stadium is the pride of the city.2 FUTUREfuturistic ideas, books, films etc imagine what may happen in the future, especially through scientific developments Orwell’s disturbing futuristic novel, ‘1984’
Examples from the Corpus
futuristicThey are unashamedly retro in their appeal, but they could equally be futuristic.As futuristic as the concept seems, it addresses here and now one of the most important issues in multimedia development.Advances in technology have meant that futuristic fabrics have become a reality, changing the whole nature of how we dress.This is especially true of original and futuristic ideas.Its array of futuristic industries is second to none.The Lake Buena Vista hotel also plans Kidsuites designed as futuristic space capsules and igloos.We pretended to fly to distant planets in futuristic spaceships.The car, with its sleek futuristic styling, certainly looks impressive.An elaborate design of the futuristic Washington was put on display Tuesday at Union Station.
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