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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfuzzyfuzz‧y /ˈfʌzi/ adjective  1 CLEAR/EASY TO SEEif a sound or picture is fuzzy, it is unclearblurred Some of the photos were so fuzzy it was hard to tell who was who.2 CLEAR/EASY TO SEEunclear or confused opp clear There’s a fuzzy line between parents’ and schools’ responsibilities.3 HBAHBHcovered with soft short hair or fur I stroked the kitten’s fuzzy back.4 fuzzy hair is very curly and sticks straight upfuzzily adverbfuzziness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
fuzzyThis matters most in fuzzy, creative processes such as product development.a fuzzy hatIts bare patches glimmered in the fuzzy light.Clarence had only a few fuzzy memories of his grandparents.Nectarines are a smooth skinned variety of the fuzzy peach, and are usually a deeper, red-orange colour.The wing, I found, had inadequate focus and a fuzzy sense of purpose.a fuzzy snapshotPolice have only a fuzzy videotape of the bank robbery.
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