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gadgetrygad‧get‧ry /ˈɡædʒətri/ noun [uncountable]  DTOOLmodern gadgets in general – sometimes used to show disapproval I don’t understand how all this electronic gadgetry works.
Examples from the Corpus
gadgetryIf you're a fan of electronic gadgetry, your next question will be where, where, where?high-tech medical gadgetrySuburban schools gleam with modern gadgetry, while inner-city schools lack basic text books.Minor faults to full-blown emergencies can be realistically created on screens which give a lifelike vision of dials and control room gadgetry.There is no superfluous gadgetry or foldaway, stowaway gimmickry.But he does not rely solely on technical gadgetry.For all the gadgetry, everything stopped when the photocopier was working because it soaked up all the power.The gadgetry enables the renegade network to give viewers a puck encased in a blue halo.The gadgetry is impressive but what are its human applications?
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