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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgaffegaffe /ɡæf/ noun [countable]  MISTAKEan embarrassing mistake made in a social situation or in public syn faux pas The consul’s comments were a major diplomatic gaffe.see thesaurus at mistake
Examples from the Corpus
gaffeA gaffe of a different order from those for which he apologized.Here, computer-illiterate small-time capitalists can commit gaffes, like holding the mouse upside down, without being seen.A cultural gaffe would invite a pounding.When she realized she had mistaken him for his brother, she was horrified at her gaffe.In France, using the familiar form "tu" ("you") in a business setting would be a major gaffe.The minister is well known for making gaffes in his speeches.Even with the occasional gaffe, marketers say placing products in movies is an increasingly important way to enhance exposure.If elected he would be almost seventy as he took office; some spectacular gaffes during the campaign did not inspire confidence.The Chargers took advantage of the gaffe on their very first play.
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