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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgaietygai‧e‧ty /ˈɡeɪəti/ noun old-fashioned  1 [uncountable]HAPPY when someone or something is cheerful and fun Lars enjoyed the warmth and gaiety of these occasions. gay1(3)2 gaieties
Examples from the Corpus
gaietythe warmth and gaiety of a family reunionWe waved back a farewell, and general gaiety prevailed.He liked Weissenbruch's gaiety, and the man had a reputation for telling the truth.But there was no enchantment of music or painting, or simple gaiety or just plain nonsense.Bella and Jim needed some gaiety.Life consisted mostly of enjoying the gaiety of a people being liberated after five years of occupation.There's something about those milestone birthdays that brings out millennial gloom rather than the gaiety in us all.By comparison with the cold cobbled alleys, the hotel restaurant was a scene of throbbing gaiety.
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