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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgailygai‧ly /ˈɡeɪli/ adverb  1 HAPPYin a happy way syn cheerfully ‘Morning, Albert, ’ she called gaily.2 DON'T CAREin a way that shows you do not care about, or do not realize, the effects of your actions They gaily went on talking after the film had started.3 gaily coloured/painted/decorated etc
Examples from the Corpus
gailyMarge waved gaily at us.Laughing gaily, he closed the door behind Converse.Above me, the gaily painted signs of the taverns and food shops creaked in the wind and mocked my hunger.She nodded her head vigorously and chattered gaily though I could only understand half of what she said.He was surprised to hear himself say this almost gaily, with a certain enthusiasm.
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