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gain access/entry/admittance etc (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgain access/entry/admittance etc (to something)gain access/entry/admittance etc (to something)ENTERto manage to enter a place, building, or organization New ramps will help the disabled gain better access. methods used by burglars to gain entry to houses gain
Examples from the Corpus
gain access/entry/admittance etc (to something)A bird had gained entry through one of the broken windows and flown helplessly around until it collided with her.Besides, neither of us has enough money to gain entry to that story.Finding herself unable to gain entry the plaintiff obtained an exparte injunction to readmit her to the premises.How will the public be able to gain access to the information that by law they have a right to see?It is even questionable that the electronic press has to await permission from a state legislature in order to gain entry.She used her pit-pass to gain entry, then made her way towards the motor home Ace used.So, since they could not gain access to the public arena, they worked mainly through family networks.Unfortunately, you can not gain access to your inner clock as easily as the clock on your kitchen wall.
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