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gain an understanding/insight/impression etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgain an understanding/insight/impression etcgain an understanding/insight/impression etcto learn or find out about somethinggain an understanding/insight/impression etc of We are hoping to gain a better understanding of the underlying process. This enabled me to gain an overall impression of the school. gain
Examples from the Corpus
gain an understanding/insight/impression etcPupils use drama to gain insights into moral and social issues in works of literature.By analysing simple situations, with essential features in common, we can gain insight into the behaviour of these complicated beams.This guidance helped them gain insight into the characteristics that inhibited their own ability to persist and to complete schoolwork.The trust wants to gain an insight into the county's butterfly population.One way to gain insight into these issues is to view them through the work of some of the main protagonists.To visit them is to gain an insight into what many of our own wetlands must have been like.It is difficult to see how avoiding teaching about what is distinctive of religion can help people gain an understanding of it!Self-assessment Building self-esteem is about appreciating strengths and developing them as much as it is about gaining an understanding of weaknesses.
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