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gain/get access (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgain/get access (to something)gain/get access (to something)ENTERto succeed in entering a place or in seeing someone or something The police managed to gain access through an upstairs window. access
Examples from the Corpus
gain/get access (to something)Dietary calcium gains access to the organism mostly by transport in the small intestine.There is no evidence that the intruder gained access to the source code for Office or any Windows products.Joe quickly gained access to the upper reaches of both Washingtons.Security is maintained by terminal operators using unique identification and password codes to gain access to the system.The police managed to gain access through an upstairs window.Environmentalists fear that many citizens will simply forge documents in order to gain access to the city centre.Once you realise that some blocks need to be matched early, in order to gain access to others, things get tougher.What Renaissance culture was and how we gain access to it increasingly became seen as problematic.You gain access to your data by typing in a user name and password.
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