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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgallantgal‧lant1 /ˈɡælənt/ adjective old-fashioned  1 KINDa man who is gallant is kind and polite towards women a gallant young man2 brave a gallant attempt to save lives
Examples from the Corpus
gallantShe had also a gallant and generous heart wide-open to affection.Civilized warfare was, in fact, introduced into California through the undertakings of our own gallant Captain Fremont.The gallant commander and his horse fell in a heap... the horse dead, the rider unhurt.And his gallant countrymen were beaten at last.gallant deedsWe remember well its prime movers: Charlie Hopper, the gallant sub-postmaster.Want to help our gallant team at the World Aerobatic Championships?Well and nobly did... his gallant troops hold their own...Having observed her recovery, the gallant youth departed.
gallantgal‧lant2 /ɡəˈlænt, ˈɡælənt $ ɡəˈlænt, ɡəˈlɑːnt/ noun [countable] old-fashioned  KINDa well-dressed young man who is kind and polite towards women
Examples from the Corpus
gallantI insisted on paying the bill and on opening the door for her as if I were an ordinary gallant.A seasoned gallant who spoke seven languages, he had a quick and agile mind that few women could resist.These gallants, with hair long and curled, and jerkins dripping pearls, proved to be raucous and strident.Karelius took an immediate dislike to Lapointe, whom he considered a flashy young gallant.He, like others, mentioned some young gallant who passed through the village about the same time.Finally, the Mirza Nama advises the young gallant on the tricky matter of dress.
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